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About Us

Mino Farina was created with love. At 4 am in the morning Racky stayed up with her siblings brainstorming about a business that would bring joy to people yet also purpose.

We believe in getting the very best for your money. Travel in style, Travel in Luxe with Mino Farina. Mino Farina was birth by the grace of God. Mino Farina pronounced Mi No Farina - in patois (Jamaican dialect), means I am not a foreigner. Mino Farina design luxe travel bags for people who enjoy seeing the world beyond the television screen. Every where you go you will always find something from that place that you can relate to and that makes you connected, hence the term Mi No Farina!

We are subtle and thoughtful in our designs, and that is evident in our detailing as well. We also intend to add new designs every season and give every customer the confidence of being globally fashionable!

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